Cell Mate Chastity Device

Cell Mate Chastity Device
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The first time I laid eyes on the Cell Mate, I was speechless. This is an emotionally overwhelming device that, from first view, beckons you to entrap your cock inside of its hard core stainless steel rings of metal. Solid, intense, and, ever so erotic; the shaft and balls are set into this full metal jacket that is as stunning as your cock itself.  The Cell Mate is an engineering marvel that will both arouse and restrict arousal. This is truly a cock spectacle that you, your Master, or Mistress will be proud to show off your completely entombed penis in this magnificent male chastity device. Includes hex key


Main Cock Ring 1.75”
Ball Ring 2.00”
Shaft Ring 1.50”
Shaft Length 4.5”


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Price $98.95